“Curse Of Suspicion” by Dr. Sujay Kantawala

Curse Of Suspicion

Duryodhan, a middle-aged lawyer is the main character of this story. He had a doubt on his wife that she is cheating him. So, he wanted to kill his wife. He gave this job to a snake handler. The snake handler puts the venomous snake in his wife’s bed. Since Duryodhan’s son knows how to communicate with the snakes, the cops arrested him.

The story involves suspicion. It also shows how a small suspicion can create a great drama or chaos in life. The language of the book is lucid thereby making it easy to understand. The narration style of the author is good. The plot of the book is great. I was able to relate it to the aspects of law. The court hearing descriptions and the lawyers arguing in the court are my favorite parts from the book. The execution of the story could be better. As per the story, Duryodhan’s son could communicate with snakes but it should have been more elaborated in the book. I would recommend this book to those who like to read fiction books.

Author: Dr. Sujay Kantawala

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Delacrote Press

Review By : Tejas Kumar