“Fear Of God” By Author Vadhan

Fear of God by Vadhan
Fear Of God by Author Vadhan. Full Book Review by Author Tejas Kumar.

Fear of God by the author Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan who writes under the Pen Name, Vadhan is a great thriller to read. The story involves crime and corruption done by politicians. So, the Central Bureau of Investigation started looking into the case. CBI wanted to stop more murders. So, an investigation team is formed. An ex-army man and a successful lawyer Abhimanyu Rao came under the CBI radar. The story got so gripping from there.

The character of Jagan Jigyasi has really inspired me a lot. Jagan Jigyasi and his Special Crimes Division of the CBI have to do their best to put an end on these killings. There is so much twist in the story. The language of the book is lucid. The mind games FearOfGod plays with the CBI team makes it more interesting. This is a mind-blowing story. It is an intense and nail-biting thriller. It involves so much suspense. Read this story to know the suspense yourself.

Author: Vineet Bajpai(Vadhan)

Genre: Crime Thriller

Publisher: Tree shade books

Review By: Tejas Kumar